Wednesday, November 13, 2013

How do other neighborhoods by Eagles Nest benefit from this gated community?

Gates present in residential communities garner conflicting opinions.  The naysayers are typically the ones outside who disdain the perceived snobbery of those who live behind them; however, the reasons for them are quite compelling regardless of which side of the transponder your perspective is viewed.
For the homeowner inside a gated community, gates provide an aesthetic arrival experience often with a courteous and welcoming gate host.  They provide a sense of security and quiet enjoyment without the intrusion of personal solicitations or nefarious visitors.  Gated communities also have common areas that are typically better improved and maintained since these areas are privately maintained.  Private maintenance reflects a higher pride of ownership and avoids the reliance on a municipality or county for maintaining parks, landscaped roads, road repairs and the like.  Neighbors, not taxpayers, are financially vested in the quality of common areas.
Eagles Nest Living Fountain Hills Entry Gate

Welcome Home! – The lovely entry gate at Eagles Nest in Fountain Hills

Nearby neighborhoods to gated communities also benefit.  Gated communities contribute to the tax base of the larger community – often more than non-gated communities – without the need for public funds.  The municipality collects taxes, but does not expend those dollars maintaining private infrastructure.  The reduction in crime in these areas also enables municipalities to direct police resources more effectively elsewhere.  Gating the entrance to a neighborhood often reduces the instance of gating individual driveways.  This improves emergency response time and adds to the aesthetic appeal of streetscapes.  Lastly, the home price premium within gated communities often alleviates the need for higher building densities which reduces vehicular traffic and enables development to be less intrusive into the land.
Eagles Nest in Fountain Hills is an excellent example of a well-executed gated community supported by its residents as well as the greater Fountain Hills community.  Eagles Nest is one of the lowest-density residential developments in the area and it’s hillside location preserves much more of the natural landforms visible from the city.
Gated communities can and usually do prove valuable where a market exists for those seeking this amenity. Do you live in a gated community?

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